The Coin Shop Services

Coins U.S. And Foreign
We have a large inventory of collectible coins and coin sets, We carry U.S Proof and Mint Sets, Silver Eagles, Silver Dollars, Large Cents, 2 Cents, 3 Cents, Quarters, State Quarters, Nickels, Dimes, Half Cents, and Cents and even hard to find foreign coins like Sixpence. We are collectors at heart, our huge inventory is comprised of high quality collectible coins.

Gold And Silver Bullion
We carry Gold and Silver bullion coins and bars. Bullion is an excellent investment vehicle in today's turbulent economic climate. When you buy silver and gold bars, coins and rounds from a reputable bullion dealer like The Coin Shop you get quality bullion at great prices. Plus you'll know for sure that it's real. We test everything in our shop and will never sell anything that is questionable.

Coin Buying
Yeah we buy Coins, Silver and Gold! We will buy just about any coin and any type of coin set from any year. We will give you a fair market price for any coins that you have from U.S. to Foreign. If you only have a few coins, bring them in and let us take a look, chances are we'll make you an offer for them.

We Buy Gold And Silver Jewelry
We buy Gold, Silver Jewelry. If you need cash, or are just looking to upgrade some old out dated Jewelry, stop in let us take a look and we'll make you a cash offer. Scrap Gold Prices

We do carry currency. Our passion lies in coinage but we often buy and sell U.S. currency as well.

Estate Liquidation
If you've recently come into a coin collection that you would like to turn into cash, we can help! We can help you ascertain the real value and we'll make you an offer for the entire collection, we wont just cherry pick the good stuff like the fly by night guys will. We can also give you a written appraisal, or divide estate equally.

Coin Grading Service
Bring your coins in, we will take a look and can give you a professional assessment of the Grade. If you’re not currently seeking to sell your coins we may charge a nominal fee of $1.25 per coin depending on the number of coins and the amount of time that may be involved. If you have multiple coins or a collection of coins we can negotiate the price of grading the entire lot at an hourly rate.

We use several tools, resources and experience to determine the actual grade of a coin. With all of the factors to consider, and the distinction between grades being so fine in many cases, it becomes more and more difficult for the general public or part time collector to keep up.
You can rest assured that when we grade a coin it will not grade any lower elsewhere.

Precious Metal Verifying
We can tell you in just a few seconds if your coins and bullion are what you think they are. We have invested, a considerable amount, in a new Precious Metal Verifier that allows us to test coins and bullion in a non destructive manner. No Chemicals, No Scraping and we can test right through plastic slabs, and cases. We can test Gold, Platinum, Silver and Rhodium. This is a free service, we won't charge you.