About The Coin Shop

We are a family owned & operated business.  We have been in business for over 30 years and operate out of our brick and mortar shop in Brighton Michigan.  Our staff has over 80 years combined experience and love what we do. The shop is owned by a father and son team, Patrick and Jason Bane. Our family has lived in the Brighton area for for than 80 years. We have been active in several community organizations from church events to local Jaycees and Charities.  We are safe, honest and trusted online and in our community ( Just ask around! ).

I decided to open The Coin Shop after years of doing business from my home.  My dad was also doing business from his home. We were found online and customers were able to call and make an appointment with us.   Everything was going fine until my dad was robbed.   The thieves didn't do any harm, but they did manage to get away with several thousands of dollars.   Safety is my number one concern.   It's one thing to do something you love, it's another thing to get injured or worse doing it.  After that I persuaded him to stop doing business in his home and I took some time to re-group.   After almost 3 years of planning and saving, I opened The Coin Shop.   My dad has been retired for years now and I was worried about his health and safety. Opening the shop allowed him to do something he loves and have a safe environment to do it in. We love coming to work everyday and interacting with our customers who share the same passion for coins that we do.

Online Coin Sales
After years of selling on ebay we have decided to offer coins and bullion on our own site. The site is devoted to offering you the best deals available online. We are able to sell at lower prices because we are no longer paying 1000's of dollars in ebay fees.

Stronger Together
We have partnered with AMARK and Dillion & Gage two of the largest suppliers in the United States for bullion products. These partnerships allows us to sell a very wide variety of bullion at very near wholesale prices.

Are you a Coin Dealer?  You should look at SpotPro.us, we built it to work for coin dealers. This one of a kind software will make your life much easier.

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